Canola Oil – Healthy or Not?

Canola oil is made from the canola plant, a genetically modified rapeseed plant. This was done back in the 1970s through cross-breeding to remove glucosinates and erucic acid, as those can be inedible and/or toxic. Canola is an invented word combining Canada and oil/ola). Canola is seen as a healthy oil for cooking as it ... Read more

Homemade Scones

This recipe takes about 30 minutes, and is mainly about being organized. It is very useful to have rubber gloves to do the hand kneading of butter into flour, otherwise cleanup is a lot messier. 30 minutes 8-9 scones Ingredients 200g flour 100g butter 1 tsp baking powder 2 TBSP sugar (plus a little for ... Read more

Homemade Dill Pickles Recipe

These last a few weeks (or longer), and are a quick alternative to a longer pickling procedure. Ingredients 500g small cucumbers (ideally 9 cucumbers, somewhat skinny bunch of fresh dill 250g water 120g white vinegar 1 tsp salt 2 cloves of garlic (more for spicy) Utensils 2 pint size mason jars Procedures Combine water, vinegar, ... Read more

Mushroom and Onion Gravy

Gravy is needed sometimes, but we needn't make it mostly salt. Here is an option that can top any dish. It is a combination of a standard roux-based gravy (but without a stock), and a Bearnaise-like emulsion. I find that it is not common in our house to have soup stock. The soups I make ... Read more

Homemade Energy Bars

Energy bars can be made at home, much less expensively and with known ingredients. It is possible to make them with few ingredients. In the recipe below there are four ingredients: Peanut butter Nonfat milk Rolled oats Protein powder (whey protein isolate) The key is to have a reasonable ratio of fats to carbs to ... Read more

Pork Tenderloin Slow Roast

This recipe can accommodate 1kg of fresh pork tenderloin. The key is to roast low and slow until the internal temperature reaches 62 degrees Celsius (using a reliable meat thermometer). At which point, let sit 3 minutes, then carve and serve. The second key part of the recipe is to marinade for two days beforehand. ... Read more

A Minimal Kitchen

Minimalism isn't necessarily only about less, but rather the minimum needed for effectiveness. With recipes this means the least amount of preparation, cooking, the fewest necessary ingredients, etc. Multi-Use vs. Functionally Improved For a minimal kitchen, some people confuse this with not having any single use utensils and instruments. This is a considerable mistake when ... Read more

Homemade sun-dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great thing. Though thought of as a vegetable, they are biologically a fruit. They also improve nutritionally upon being cooked. We eat them raw; and cooked as a sauce over pasta, vegetables, or meats; as a tomato juice; and as tomato soup. Sun-dried tomatoes and herbs in olive oil are a wonderful ... Read more

Salad Niçoise

Salad Nicoise, (pronounced sa-lad nih-swaaz), aka Salad Niçoise, aka La Salada Nissarda, aka the salad from Nice (nees). Salade niçoise (French pronunciation: ​[niˈswaz]), la salada nissarda in the Niçard dialect of the Occitan language, is a salad that originated in the French city of Nice. It is traditionally made of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, ... Read more

Tenderizing Chicken

Home-raised chickens -- gai-baan in Thai -- can be extremely tough. The main reasons is that the chicken has a normal life, and is not kept sedentary, overfed, given growth hormones, nor treated with enzymes after being slaughtered. There are three approaches to tenderizing this standard-variety chicken: Brine the chicken for 12-24 hours (less time ... Read more

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