A Minimal Kitchen

Minimalism isn't necessarily only about less, but rather the minimum needed for effectiveness. With recipes this means the least amount of preparation, cooking, the fewest necessary ingredients, etc.

Multi-Use vs. Functionally Improved

For a minimal kitchen, some people confuse this with not having any single use utensils and instruments. This is a considerable mistake when it comes to things like salad spinners. Why is a salad spinner necessary? It does an essential service elegantly. Yes, it takes up some room, and is a bit unwieldy to clean, but there is no better option (wasteful paper towels? excessive tea towels?).

A minimalist kitchen list should never include gear that only does one thing. Not necessarily

While it is nice when a device performs more than one function, there are times when a single use device is simply better and is worth having. Consider: a Swiss Army knife with corkscrew or a professional-grade (though uncomplicated) wine opener? Certainly a kitchen can accommodate a few single-use items.

Kitchen Utensils

  • Paring, Chefs, Carving, and Bread Knives
  • Sharpening stone, sharpening steel
  • Pasta cutter (optional for those who make pasta frequently)
  • Wine opener
  • Can opener
  • Garlic press
  • Measuring spoons (set)
  • Pyrex measuring cup
  • Peeler
  • Stick blender (also useful for chopping)

Cooking Devices

  • Induction burner
  • Toaster oven
  • 5 liter rice cooker (10 liter if doing large batches)
    • Note this is used for making yogurt. It is a cheap and foolproof method for making yogurt.
  • Crockpot / clay cooker
  • Rice cooker / steamer
    • Conceivably the crockpot / clay cooker function (and even the yogurt-making function) could be replaced by the rice cooker / steamer, however it is easier to have two devices, as using a crockpot / clay cooker, sometimes it takes more than a day to make things like green pea soup.

What Can Be Dispensed With

  • Yogurt maker (use a large aluminum rice cooker instead)
  • Air fryer (avoid frying foods)
  • Popcorn popper (use a large pot on a burner)
  • Microwave (not actually safe)
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